Welcome to Runde Boat trip

Spectacular boat trip to the bird cliffs with a visit to the caves

The bird cliffs

The Bird Cliffs are located on the west side of the Runde Mountain and is home to approx. 100-150,000 birds, including puffins, gannets, kittiwakes, razorbills and guillemots. The Bird Cliffs consist of Rundebranden, where colonies of kittiwakes and gannets have their nests - and Lundeura, where the popular puffins live.

Boat trip around Runde

The boat trip starts at Runde harbour, goes west, under the Runde Bridge before we come around Måganeset, where The Bird Cliffs - with Rundebranden and Lundeura - appears in all their glory. The video I have received from the talented Swedish nature photographer, Mikael Ekelund (Mik Swe Photography), gives an impression of the boat trip and the bird species we get acquainted with.

Bird species

Among all the bird species at Runde, it is no doubt the puffin that gets the most attention. The bird life at Runde can be experienced throughout the whole year. The puffin season starts in early March, but the peak season is between April and August. - Most visitors at Runde also take the trip up the mountain to wach the birds.

Who I am - and what I do

My name is Johan Moltu, and I am a retired teacher. I have grown up by the sea, and have always had a great interest in the sea, the islands in the ocean gap, the population, as well as the bird and animal life at these small islands. From childhood we were dependent on boat to get from one island to the other, and at an early age we learned what dangers the ocean represented and what considerations had to be taken as we travelled along the coast.

I have also had a special interest in and a close relationship to  Runde.  Taking groups with  Aquila and showing nice and interested people from both Norway and abroad what this wonderful island has to offer, is a great enrichment to my life. 

Feedback from previous Aquila-passengers

Runde Boattrip Sissel Gronlund_500x500Hello Johan

The boat trip at 11am on Monday. It was a real highlight of our holiday, and we will definitely come back to you again some time earlier in July, to have a closer look at the puffins.

It was great fun and incredibly interesting to see the ocean soles, and I also managet to take many good pictures of them as they passed us very close many times.

Best regards from Sissel Grønlund | July 31, 2018

Runde Boattrip Eagle Arild LilleboeHello Johan

Thanks a lot for an awesome boat trip with Aquila. It was especially nice to meet a former work colleague.
I really enjoyed myself.

I also enclose som pictures from the boat trip. You are free to use them on your homepage.

With regards from
Arild Lillebø |
July 19, 2018

Hello Johan!

I would like to thank you for three very nice boat tours with lots of good photo opportunities. Especially the «extra» tour on Friday 29/6 2018 with just me, two other Swedes and the Norwegian sea bird expert was by far my most intense bird photo experience so far! I will market these tours quite hard among my frinds and acquaintances, and I will surely return next summer.

Daniel Andersson | July 18, 2018
Hedemora, Sweden

Runde Boattrip Fredrik Norling_500x500Hello Johan

Thank you once again for a very nice boat trip with Aquila.

The razorbill was probably the most difficult photo, a small fast dark bird against dark background is not the easiest case, but i succeeded in taking some pictures.

Fredrik Norling | July 4, 2018