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Goksøyr Camping is responsible for all orders and sales of tickets for boat trips with Aquila.

Goksøyr Camping
N-6096 Runde, Norway

P: +47 700 85 905
M: +47 924 12 298 (Knut Asle Goksøyr)

Practical info about the boat trip

From May 1 Aquila offer boat trips every day at the following times:
11:00 AM
13:00 PM
16:00 PM
18:00 PM

The duration of the boat trip is a little less than two hours.


Aquila can take 12 passengers.

All orders (both single trips and group tours) are directed to:
Goksøyr Camping
Tel:+47 700 85 905
Mob: +47 924 12 298 (Knut Asle Goksøyr)

Booked tickets are collected and paid in the kiosk at Goksøyr Camping.

Runde Boattrip Goksoyr Camping

NOK 300,- Adults
NOK 150,- Children

Aquila has complete rescue equipment on board, such as life jackets for children / adults, as well as life raft.

The season starts May 1, and lasts until September 1, 7 days a week.

It is at this time that there are most tourists at Runde, both from the district and from other places in Norway. – Not least, Runde is a very popular holiday resort among Germans, Dutch and Belgians. – The season is therefore in the most popular holiday months.

Runde Boattrip Aquila

Contact info - Johan | Aquila

For emails to me personally (Johan Moltu), please use the form to the right.

Johan Moltu
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N-6095 Bølandet, Norge


Runde Boattrip Johan Moltu

Aquila - My faithful servant

Runde Boattrip Aquila

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