Goksøyr Camping is responsible for all orders and sales of tickets for boat trips with Aquila.

Goksøyr Camping
N-6096 Runde, Norway

P: +47 700 85 905
M: +47 924 12 298 (Knut Asle Goksøyr)

Practical info about the boat trip

The Corona-Situation – Distance Restrictions

Due to the Government’s Distance Restrictions it will not be possible to arrange trips with Aquila to Runde Bird Mountain the Summer of 2020.

I welcome everyone back in 2021.

Greetings from Johan

Every day at the following times:
11:00 AM
13:00 PM
16:00 PM
18:00 PM

The duration of the boat trip is a little less than two hours.

NB! In June and July Aquila will not offer bird-watching tours on Thursdays.

Aquila can take 12 passengers.

All orders (both single trips and group tours) are directed to:
Goksøyr Camping
Tel:+47 700 85 905
Mob: +47 924 12 298 (Knut Asle Goksøyr)

Booked tickets are collected and paid in the kiosk at Goksøyr Camping.

Runde Boattrip Goksoyr Camping

NOK 275,- Adults
NOK 100,- Children

NB! In June and July Aquila will not offer bird-watching tours on Thursdays.

Aquila has complete rescue equipment on board, such as life jackets for children / adults, as well as life raft.

The season starts May 1, and lasts until September 1.

It is at this time that there are most tourists at Runde, both from the district and from other places in Norway. – Not least, Runde is a very popular holiday resort among Germans, Dutch and Belgians. – The season is therefore in the most popular holiday months.

Runde Boattrip Aquila

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Runde Boattrip Aquila

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