Goksøyr Camping

Goksøyr Camping is located at  the seaside. A great location for those who appreciate «The Good Life», such as proximity to the sea, where you can enjoy a spectacular bird life and a beatiful sunrise.

Every year, countless camping tourists from all over the world come to spend their holidays at Runde. – The hosts, Knut Asle Goksøyr and his wife Inguna, have made a formidable effort to facilitate a good camping experience for everyone.

The campsite is built on the farm belonging to the Goksøyr family, where the barn is turned into a cozy café. In the basement of the main house there are showers and toilets for the visitors.

At the campsite there are set-up sites for motorhomes, there are tent sites and cabins. – There is also a kiosk, where visitors can buy various groceries, as well as souvenirs.

The hosts – Knut Asle and Inguna – are pleasant, accommodating and helpful in providing answers to all kinds of questions the travelers might have. Knut Asle, who was born and raised at Runde, has a formidable knowledge of the local history, as well as in-depth knowledge of the bird life, wildlife and vegetation on the island.

 Without Goksøyr Camping, Runde would hardly be the popular natural pearl it is today. There is no doubt that the hardworking couple have been spearheads in the development at Runde, and have paved the way for the tourist success of the island. Both Runde and Herøy municipality have a lot to be thankful for to these enthusiasts.

A meetingplace for everybody

The boss – multiskilled Knut Asle – is never far away. Either he is in the kiosk – or he assists tourists who need help.

Adjacent to the barn, which has been converted into banqueting facilities, a cozy terrace has been built where one can meet, enjoy some sunbeams and have a chat with local friends or total strangers.

I am also often to be found at Goksøyr Camping, either to take a break or to pick up passengers to the boat trip with Aquila.

There is also a cozy gazebo the camping tourists can dispose of for merry gatherings. Everywhere there are nicely decorated  flower arrangements that create well-being, and gives the tourists a homely feeling at Goksøyr Camping.